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  • Episode 56

    Who is this psychopath going stab first? Jeff the killer, himself? Or helpless Nelly?
  • Episode 55

    Nelly is caught in the middle of this but what is going on? What did she get herself into?
  • Grand slam opening!!!

    Welcome to my website! It’s finally ready, yaaay!🌸If you’re coming from WEBTOONs, you should know that I will be posting the newest episodes of Jeff’s Disorders on this website one week prior to WEBTOONs! So every time I update on WEBTOONs, you can be sure to find the next episode here for free!
  • Episode 54

    Nelly looks around the building and and sees the killer talking to a stranger. Is he a customer? She has to do something!
  • Episode 53

    Dustin tries to reach out to Nelly but she won't talk. She can see the concern on his face.
  • Episode 52

    When Dustin takes note of Nelly's bad mood, he puts two and two together and approaches her on her relationship with Jeff.
  • Episode 51

    Nelly is surprised to see Jeff show up at her job and respectfully asks him to leave.
  • Episode 50

    Nelly is completely unaware that Jeff has entered the Diner. He proceeds to glare at an unsuspecting customer that she is currently serving.
  • Episode 49

    Danelle and Jeff are in separate rooms, each debating their earlier altercation.
  • Episode 48

    The killer continues to tease her, until he decides to have said enough.
  • Episode 47

    While for a moment it seemed that Nelly had the upper hand, Jeff turns the tables.
  • Episode 46

    The killer continues to aggravate and confuse the doctor, until she finally stands up to him.
  • Episode 45

    The tension is running high.
  • Episode 44

    Jeff is implying that Nelly has ulterior motives based on the way she has been acting. Is Nelly hiding something?
  • Episode 43

    Nelly reveals the killer that she has a photographic memory, but Jeff relentlessly questions her further, thinking she’s full of bullshit.
  • Episode 42

    Jeff sit’s down to talk with Nelly over some apple juice and pizza rolls. His confrontation begins.
  • Episode 41

    After finding the courage to face the killer, Nelly makes her way to the kitchen to find Jeff.
  • Episode 40

    Knowing she had to talk to Jeff, Nelly was wallowing in self pity until a familiar feeling overcame her.
  • Episode 39

    Nelly continues pushing her luck, and the killer finally pushes back, reminding the doctor that they both do indeed live with each other.
  • Episode 38

    Nelly tries to study Jeff, while Dustin looks at both of them, confused as ever.
  • Episode 37

    Nelly has an inkling on Jeff’s motivations, and decides to take a leap of faith in the name of curiosity.
  • Episode 36

    Jeff talks to Nelly in honest manner, until a new face shows up.
  • Episode 13

    Jeff explains what Nelly has to do to stay alive.
  • Episode 12

    AN: I was watching Hazbin Hotel by Vivziepop, fell in love with the art and adopted the art style for my own artistic growth. Just in case you were wondering why Jeff suddenly looks like a wish brand Alastor.
  • Episode 11

    When the doctor freezes up when faced with a crucial decision, and the killer takes charge.
  • Episode 10

    As Danelle holds a knife up to the killers throat, he still seems rather confused by his own fluctuating emotions.
  • Episode 09

    Danelle interrupts the killer's judgmental stare with a forceful demand, but is his reaction what she expects?
  • Episode 08

    The killer holds his axe, ready to swing. Her threatening stance is commendable, even if it's over a pet.
  • Episode 07

    Danelle snaps back to reality when she hears a familiar squawking. The killer licks his lips as she grabs a knife. Against her better judgement, she faces the killer head on.
  • Episode 06

    The killer meets his first adversary. Will they be enough to take him down?
  • Episode 05

    Danelle weighs her options on what to do now. The phone is so close but why would a killer make anything this easy?
  • Episode 04

    The killer is in her house. He's in the middle of her hallway with a bloody axe, watching her every move.
  • Episode 03

    After a brief interaction, the fugitive uses the Doctor as an means of escape from the facility. She tries to rationalize the situation to no avail. The killer has total control and now he knows her name.
  • Episode 02

    A dangerous psychopath stalks the lone Doctor through the halls. Unaware of her surroundings, she continues to walk until she is suddenly stopped by a voice and the smell of fresh blood.
  • Episode 01

    A young Doctor attends a job interview at an esteemed facility for the criminally insane. After being turned away, she searches for the exit, blind to the danger that just escaped it's cell.